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Reliable international payments for importers in Africa

Pay international suppliers in EUR, USD or GBP on-time, every time.
Best exchange rates
We cut out the middlemen to source the best exchange rates
Fast transactions
Improve your cashflow by waiting hours not weeks for payments to clear
Always available foreign currency, so you don’t have to scramble to settle invoices
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Focus on your business without the hassle of paying overseas invoices

Businesses across Africa are waiting weeks for local banks to process international invoices. Capi Money provides reliable foreign currency at affordable prices. With us you can:
Move faster by always being able to access USD, EUR, GBP or RMB for your invoices
Increase your margin by decreasing the cost of your international payments
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Seamless experience with enterprise-grade security

Stop queuing at the bank with piles of signed paper. International invoice payments should be as easy as sending a mobile money transfer to your friend, while ensuring that you are in control of your money throughout the process.
Sign up and do your first transfer on the same day
We hold your money with licensed financial institutions
See real-time updates on your transfer

Unlock your business's growth

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